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An accurate assessment of cognitive functioning requires a holistic evaluation.


Often, documentation is not clear or specific regarding cognition.

Cognitive decline affects the resident, the resident’s family, and your staff

Changing ADLs

Cognitive decline impacts what a resident can and cannot do for themselves.


Families often want to know stage, probable timelines, and what can be done to help their loved ones.

An annual wellness check for the mind

Thorough, specific, and very useful to caregivers and families.

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Full Evaluation

Cognitive and Psychiatric evaluation, which includes many national standard scales and diagnostics.

Diagnosis Clarification

A clear, precise diagnosis is integral in developing a treatment plan.

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 If a form of dementia is discovered, we stage the decline.  Many residents have never had their dementia staged or have not in quite some time.

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Treatment Plan

 A specific plan including high-risk medication analysis, ADL suggestions, and problem-focused solutions.

Excellent Documentation

Our assessment produces an impressive packet to put on the resident’s chart.  This can go a long way toward MDS documentation requirements and surveys.

Appropriate Referrals

for Cognitive Behavioral Assessments


CMS wants this assessment to be broadly available

Anyone who has any stage of cognitive impairment; and

Anyone who you believe might have some cognitive impairment.

We will screen out anyone who does not qualify for a full assessment.

Group 12

Experts in

Geriatric Psychiatric Care

Access to your own specialized
clinical team